Welcome to the Do-it-yourself MIICE Questionnaire

This will allow you to put together a questionnaire using a selection of elements from the 2009 revised MIICE toolbox

You can copy and paste the exemplar questions from the 2009 revised MIICE toolbox and amend to suit your circumstances. Or you can write your own questions in your own language to suit your context

You can have as many questions as you want in any single questionnaire. You can work on only one questionnaire at any time. But you have the option to save a copy of an old questionnaire before you start on a new questionnaire

The resulting questionnaire can be printed or it can be saved as a Word document, so that you can copy and paste the questions into a pro forma or an online survey tool to use with those who are to be asked the questions


You can also retrieve a questionnaire you have previously created

Questionnaire ID


View a list of published questionnaires