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Acknowledgements Status: Beta

For Teachers

What is Dyslexia?Status: Beta

A voiced PowerPoint which offers an introduction to dyslexia.


CPD activities designed from the key issues to emerge from the interviews.
They are arrange in the following themes:

For Pupils

Pupils' Transition InsightsStatus: under construction

Pupils describe their experiences over the transition year.

Pupil Booklet

A booklet to prepare pupils for the move to secondary.

  • Download a version of the booklet in Word (25 MB)  or  PDF (2.3 MB) Status: OK
For Parents

Parents' Transition InsightsStatus: Beta

Parents describe their experiences over the transition year.

(NB The main text on each page is voiced.
The audio can be controlled using the control bar - click here to see the controls)

Sir Jackie Stewart Lecture Status: not yet available

A lecture to students from the PGDE programme at Moray House.