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Introduction to the materials

The materials in this DVD-ROM are the result of a Scottish Executive Education Department (SEED) Children, Young People and Families Unified Voluntary Sector Fund Grant which was awarded to Dyslexia Scotland in 2004. The work of the project was carried out by a team of education professionals and was directed by Pamela Deponio, University of Edinburgh.

The aim of the project was to undertake a longitudinal study of pupils and their parents over the transition year from primary to secondary education to establish their hopes, concerns and experiences. Key issues arising from the research have been selected to form the basis of Continuing Professional Development activities (known as i-Papers).

Education authorities involved in the project are: Aberdeen City Council Education Department, Aberdeenshire Education Authority, Falkirk Council Education Services, South Lanarkshire Education Resources, and West Lothian Council Education Services.

How to use the materials

The complete DVD-ROM is designed for flexible use. The DVD may be used independently by an individual primary or secondary teacher or management team member. It is also envisaged that groups of primary and/or secondary teachers will work together to further their understanding of dyslexia and its impact at the time of transition. Student and probationer teachers will also find the materials of use to further their understanding of dyslexia in general and its impact in the final year of primary and first year of secondary education.

Illustrative material is contained within the i-Papers to help teachers and student teachers towards an informed understanding of this specific difficulty which affects between five and ten per cent of the population.

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Materials are arranged in the following formats:

  1. What is Dyslexia?

    A voiced PowerPoint which offers an introduction to dyslexia, in terms of the nature of the difficulties experienced by learners, how to identify these difficulties and how responses to support individual needs can be made.

  2. i-Papers

    The i-Papers result from the key issues that arose in the study. Each paper is arranged by ISSUES, each issue is divided into TASKS. Teachers may examine any issue as a discrete activity, however, tasks within each issue should be completed sequentially. Target groups have been indicated for each issue but these are suggestions only. Roughly 20 minutes should be set aside for each task but this can be varied when working individually or by CPD leaders preparing group activities. A task sheet for each activity is provided and relevant sheets should be downloaded prior to CPD sessions.

    Titles of i-Papers are:

    • The Affective Domain
    • The Curriculum
    • Modern Languages
    • The Process of Transition
    • Transfer of Information
    • Use of Technology
  3. Pupils' Transition Experiences

    This section presents interviews with some of the pupils at the three key points over the year, namely the end of P7, the first term of S1 and the very end of S1. It is designed for Primary 7 pupils so that they may listen to the hopes, concerns and experiences of pupils who have already transferred to secondary.

  4. A Pupil Booklet

    This booklet is designed to prepare pupils with dyslexia for the move to secondary school. Schools are encouraged to individualise the booklet by adding the name of the receiving secondary school, school times and details about the uniform. The booklet can then be downloaded and printed in colour. It is hoped that pupils with dyslexia can either work through this booklet at home with a parent/carer or in school with a support assistant.

    The booklet was designed by Carolan Burnet, Principal Teacher Literacy Services, West Lothian and Charlie Marr, Pupil Support Teacher at Bo'ness Academy, Falkirk.

  5. Parents' Transition Experiences

    This was designed for parents of P7 pupils so that they may share in the hopes and concerns of other parents as they support their children through the transition process. Although designed for parents, this section gives teachers valuable insights to parents' expectations and experiences over the transition year.

  6. Sir Jackie Stewart Lecture

    Sir Jackie Stewart is president of Dyslexia Scotland. As a contribution to this project Sir Jackie delivered a lecture to a group of students from the PGDE programme at Moray House. This lecture, which addresses the impact of dyslexia from the point of view of an individual with dyslexia was recorded in December 2006.